Improving the quality of life for children & adults with disabilities by promoting self esteem, social skills & physical therapy that blossoms & grows through contact with horses.


Volunteers are a vital part of the team, for without them, FHF students could not ride safely.

Consider becoming a therapeutic riding volunteer. Print and complete the Volunteer Registration Form and send to us.


Young people face a multitude of problems - drugs, abuse, racism, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, delinquency, and losing their identity in the melting pot of social concerns. Leadership among our young people is important to everyone at Fire Horse Farm. Each person is valuable.

  • Population Served
    • Our communities youth, ages 10 through high school age. The point of the teen volunteer program is to inspire our young people to serve, to become leaders, to teach them that leadership isn't a science or a discipline. It is an art; as such it must be felt, experienced, or created, as stated by Max De Free, C.E.O. of Herman Miller, Inc. and author of Leadership is an Art.
  • Principal Staff
    • Fire Horse Farm has a staff of one volunteer part-time instructor, more than twenty volunteers, and 4 horses working along side each other to serve our clients. Volunteers are a vital part of the team, for without them, FHF students could not ride safely.
  • Program Procedures
    • A willing heart to volunteer begins the participation in the volunteer program, for an interested teen. The teen and then parents set up a time to come to Fire Horse Farm, and visit with FHF's Executive Director.

      They are given a tour of the facility, go over FHF's policies, and what is expected of a teen volunteer. A volunteer registration form is signed by the teen and the parents.

      It is suggested that a youth volunteer, under the age of 14, have their parent(s) meet with the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the youth visiting Fire Horse Farm to ss what they will be doing so that the parents have a clear understanding of what will be expected of the youth volunteer before they begin.
  • Benefits Skills Are Requires
    • Our communities continue to look for ways to occupy our youth's time. As beneficial as youth centers are, volunteering teaches one to look around and see what's going on, and to learn what can be done in our community. Fire Horse Farm instructors teach teen volunteers horsemanship skills, communication skills, problem solving techniques, and awareness of various disabilities.
  • Community Improvement
    • For a community to improve, individuals, families, and neighbor-hoods, must all change for the better. While change, in any form, is extremely difficult and demands great effort, it generally follows a path, in order for positive change to happen in the life of a person challenged with a disability, several necessary steps must be taken.

      By volunteering, a teen learns these steps, and how to apply them in his own life. They learn they must want it, see it, believe it is possible, commit to making it happen, truly understand what reality is, build structures which can withstand change, improve their own skills, form a plan for achieving their vision, act, measure their progress, and be willing to pay the price.

We always have a need for Volunteers and/or donations.
We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible.

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A 501c3 nonprofit organization

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